As a young girl, my prized possession was my white Panasonic Toot-a-Loop radio, tuned to the New York R&B station WBLS. As a teenager in Brooklyn, I set my record player on “repeat” and experienced my own version of “The Red Shoes,” listening to my 45 of Chaka Khan’s I Feel For You so many times I forgot how to stop. I don’t listen to music when I write, but I hear it.

Here’s a playlist of the songs referenced in Claudia Silver to the Rescue (plus two more) that feature in the soundtrack of the movie adaptation I enjoy producing in my head during my off hours.

The Stoop – Little Jackie
What a bright Saturday morning in Claudia Silver’s Brooklyn sounds like.

Stan Getz/Joao Gilberto – Corcovado
The Grateful Dead – Box of Rain
When successful law partner (and Claudia Silver’s best friend’s father) Paul Tate treats for burgers and beers at the Corner Bistro, these are his jukebox favorites.

Lisa Stansfield – Mighty Love
Claudia Silver hides out in the listening booths at Tower Records on lower Broadway, “losing herself in Lisa Stansfield for 40 seconds at a time.”

Living Colour – Solace of You
Someday, when Garth Kahn eventually makes Claudia Silver a mixed tape, he’ll include this one.

The Left Banke – Don’t Walk Away Renee
Garth and Claudia’s disastrous first date starts with a Fela Kuti concert in Prospect Park and ends with Claudia walking away. Garth hollers The Left Banke lyrics after her, which doesn’t improve the situation.

Neneh Cherry – I Ain’t Gone Under Yet
Claudia Silver gets squirrely in a room without music. When she returns from her
first fateful meeting with Paul Tate to find a gorgeous dinner prepared by her roommate Bronwyn (Paul’s daughter) but no music, she reaches for an enduring tough girl anthem from Neneh Cherry, quickfast.

Black Sheep – The Choice Is Yours
Phoebe Goldberg, Claudia’s 16 year old sister, doesn’t travel far without her Walkman. The hip-hop she loves – and identifies with — delivers instant badass without the AK.

Chrystal Waters – She’s Homeless
Annie Tate, Paul’s wife and Bronwyn’s mother, makes an unheard of and unscheduled winter pilgrimage to Brooklyn for audience with Claudia and Phoebe’s mother, Edith Mendelssohn. As Annie turns onto Edith’s gritty block, a gypsy cab blares this house music classic as it lurches past.

Sinead O’Connor – This Is the Last Day of Our Acquaintance
Claudia meets Bronwyn at work – the tail end of a photo shoot for Moxy magazine — with a bomb to drop. This song is in her head as she anticipates looming disaster. She’s right.

Don McLean – American Pie
As Paul Tate lays himself bare before his family, he remembers the good old days – a short drive to the beach in an old station wagon with his youngest daughter riding shotgun and Don McLean on the radio.

Odyssey – Native New Yorker
Claudia Silver is always nostalgic and buoyed when she hears this one on the radio. Especially when she’s in the back seat of a taxi heading home over the Brooklyn Bridge.

Little Jackie – Go Hard Or Go Home
This one plays during the closing credits.